roy de best

Roy de Best

Going to raves like Trance Energy, Shockers, Mysteryland and Innercity at a very young age, Roy de Best (1985, The Hague) gets fascinated by the ‘DJ’s’. Seeing how they control the public with their mixing skills, he knows he wants this. Making people happy through ‘his’ music and let them be completely absorbed in the music. When he gets the chance to experience the DJ-scene up close through a friend, he feels the magical power of the turntables on the public. This inspires him more and he buys his own equipment. Through determination and practice, ‘DJ Roy de Best’, arises and starts his DJ career at Elusive Agency. 

Roy’s interest in producing starts when he and an experienced friend created some great intros to open his set at clubs like The Asta and The Marathon. His producing skills are triggered seeing the crowd in ecstasy when playing unreleased tracks at big parties like Defqon and In Qontrol. With his remix of Mark Norman’s ‘Phantom Manor’ (released by Black Hole Recordings) another dream comes true. A home-studio is the next logical step. Putting all his free energy in his productions, Roy is ready to release several Techno tracks. His collab with The Scientist, StraightOn Recordings and his contacts at Black Hole Recordings and Mid-Town Records can only promise more great tracks.